Rapid Response Team Training™

Strategic Response to the Earliest Signs of Union Activity

In today’s labor-friendly regulatory environment, speed and rapid response are essential. Hours and minutes count. Our exclusive three day, detailed immersion training for employer Rapid Response Teams, help organizations to quickly and confidently respond and lead a defense against card-signing or NLRB petitions as internal, company consultants. Unlike other programs, our Rapid Response Team Training™ provides live simulations, role playing, extensive communications practice for educating and influencing employees, as well as effective learning about strategies and tactics. Includes detailed manual with communication tools, roles and responsibilities, and the initial development of campaign plans.

Learning Objectives

  • How to extend your site or facility’s ability to detect early warning signs.
  • How to shut off card-signing, quickly, or win an election if a petition is delivered.
  • Understand the tactics unions use to obtain information to penetrate the organization.
  • Preparing your leaders to confidently handle employee discussions and answer tough questions.
  • Conduct captive audience meetings that include dealing with disruptive union supporters.
  • Review a 5-day plan in response to the new NLRB rules changes – 5 Days Pre-Petition and 5 Days Post-Petition, as well as, an “off-the-shelf” PML version of a 21 day campaign plan, calendar and themes.
  • Hear the arguments a union organizer could use to convince your employees.
  • Attend a union meeting and gain firsthand knowledge of how unions use “mob rule” and emotions to fuel a campaign and gain support.
  • LIVE, fast-track union campaign simulation and MBA-like paper & pencil case study for learning strategies, tactics and impact of decisions on votes.
  • Learn the most up-to-date strategies unions are using today and what they are doing to hard corporate reputations

Program Components

With a host of different modules, we will partner with you to help you select the modules and number of training days that aligns appropriately with your learning needs.

  • Reputation “Probe” and reveal of your company’s potential vulnerabilities and issues
  • PERT: The First Five Days™ Scenario Development
  • SlimDog® PetFoods, Inc. Fast-Track Union Campaign™ Simulation
  • The Management Challenge™
  • PERT: Case Study™
  • Science of Attack™
  • Math of Corporate Reputations™
  • Perfect Storm: e-Organizing Update™
  • PERT: Hit the Ground Running™
  • PERT: Lawful Conversations for Managers™

Learn More

To speak with one of our dedicated staff to learn more about how we can facilitate our Rapid Response Team Training™ program at your location, contact us today.

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