Positive Employee Relations Summit™

Elements and Definitions of an Effective PER Plan

Positive employee relations is about having a consistent positive work environment where employees feel valued, respected and a key part of an organization’s success. Our Positive Employee Relations Summit™ educates leaders about the various elements of successful, model positive employee relations plans. Our summit helps organizations strengthen employee relations…an element of business that often is taken for granted.

Who Should Attend

This summit is appropriate for union-free site/plant human resources, operating, and P/L leaders in the U.S. and Canada who wish to maintain an issues-free environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction of a model, positive employee relations plan used by many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Specific definitions of each action in the plan, and a self-assessment that leaders complete to rate their site(s) and practices vs. the model plan.
  • Executive leaders achieve a benchmark for where the company’s union-free sites are against the model plan, and can begin the creation of an ongoing process for continuously evaluating the status of plan.
  • Develop a proactive, employee relations strategy intended for a positive impact on the work environment.

Special Features

  • Leverage of Leadership™
  • Model PER Plan presentation.
  • Issues Identification – identifying weaknesses against Model PER Plan and prioritize to top three issues.
  • Organizational Unit Self-Assessment.
  • Facilitated action plan creation to identify the top things your people think your company should be doing.
  • Action Plan presentations to company leaders.
  • Optional Vulnerability Assessment.

Learn More

To speak with one of our dedicated staff to learn more about how we can facilitate our one- or two-day Positive Employee Relations Summit™ at your location or at your next leadership meeting, contact us today.

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