Corporate Campaign Attack Summit™

Effective Executive Education and Inoculation Training

Corporate campaign allegations and tactics have the power to damage corporate reputations especially for large, well-known brands and global companies. How would your company find itself on an attacker’s “strategic projects” lists? How would you be attacked? What issues would be used to attack you? Who would help the other side? What can you do to pre-empt the attack?

With our Corporate Campaign Attack Summit™, company executives learn how attackers would target their company and its reputation to overwhelm the company. Company executives attack themselves based on “inside” information and how to defend themselves from the onslaught of attacks that seek to damage the company’s reputation and relationships with customers, regulators, and other key stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

This summit is appropriate for executive-level human resources leaders, marketing, communications, and public affairs leaders, as well as P&L/operations and labor counsel leaders in the U.S. and Canada that want to plan for the possibility of a corporate campaign.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge about corporate campaigns and attacks.
  • Identify vulnerabilities specific to a company’s portfolio of brands and businesses.
  • Develop a proactive, corporate campaign inoculation strategy.
  • Develop an action and inoculation plans for preparing the business to fend off an attack.

Special Features

  • Science of Attack™
  • Math of Corporate Reputations™
  • Perfect Storm: e-Organizing Update™
  • Full reputation “probe” of a company’s specific vulnerabilities to corporate campaign attacks.
  • Mini-simulation:
  • Corporate campaign charts, research related to probe, actual mock-ups of materials that would be used in an attack.
  • Multiple actionable items along with powerful tips and tools for preparation.

Learn More

To speak with one of our dedicated staff to learn more about how we can facilitate our Corporate Campaign Attack Summit™ at your location or at your next leadership meeting, contact us today.

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