Leadership Modeling for Effective Managers™

Turn Good People into Better Leaders

Leadership Modeling for Effective Managers™ is a series of short workshops designed to build better Leaders by sharpening their communication, motivation, conflict management and overall leadership skills. Each interactive workshop introduces leadership skills, managerial competencies and expectations for all members of management.

Leadership Development - Modeling

Module I – Seven Statistically Significant Behaviors Leadership Interaction Styles®

  • Understanding personal leadership styles and how to flex styles for maximum influence
  • Appreciating others’ leadership styles that can influence outcomes in different situations
  • The Math of Leadership™, and Leading by Values™
  • Importance of effective change management

Module II: Interpersonal Communications/Team Communications

  • The Science of Effective Communications™; delivering consistent messages effectively
  • Modes of effective communication
  • Keeping the team informed; statistical significance of setting expectations and improving performance
  • Connecting employee contributions to business objectives

Module III: Conflict Management & Resolution/Dealing with Difficult Conversations

  • Creating an environment that minimizes conflict, and effectively dealing with emotional confrontations
  • A model for focus on issue resolution; practice with imaginary and REAL workplace conflicts
  • Coaching Model, including handling difficult conversations

Module IV: Coaching Others and Motivating Performance Improvement/Recognizing & Appreciating Others

  • How to segment performance; how to prepare for and give negative feedback; how to make feedback effective
  • Identify key motivators; motivation assumptions
  • Establishing a positive environment for continuous improvement
  • Why meaningful appreciation matters
  • How to show appreciation; demonstrating successful appreciation
  • Financial & non-financial recognition

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