SlimDog® Fast-Track Union Campaign Simulation®

Exclusive "Quickie" Union Campaign Exposes Gaps in Planning

Designed for company leaders to help prepare for a snap-election, the SlimDog® simulation helps managers feel the chaos, confusion, poor communications and bad decisions of “ambush” or quickie elections. Whether you have US only operations or US and European operations, we offer two exclusive simulations tailored to the cultural differences that help expose gaps in preparedness and planning for an effective rapid response. We then identify the actions and playbook planning necessary to be ready.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how “quickie” elections will happen, as well as how unions think and organize.
  • Expose gaps in planning, management roles and responsibilities, and clear decision-making authority.
  • Build an understanding of labor law and new rules employers may need to navigate with a labor-friendly NLRB.
  • Develop a set of action steps for playbook preparedness and execution in the working environment.

Experience It

  • The impact of new, proposed and expected NLRB rules and guidance to Regional Directors.
  • New union tactics and strategies.
  • Shocking campaign surprises that you can expect in a snap election.
  • Advanced rapid response preparedness, techniques and methodologies.

Learn More

To speak with one of our dedicated staff to learn more about how we can facilitate our SlimDog® Fast Track Union Campaign® simulation at any of your locations, contact us today.

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