Science of Conflict Management & Resolution™

Converting Conflict to Engagement

In this engaging 4-hour workshop, participants learn the neuroscience of how human brains process information and make decisions that often lead to or escalate conflict. With this knowledge, participants actively learn how to de-escalate conflict and engage those involved to find resolution.

Leadership Development - Science

Learning Objectives

  • Empowers leaders to pause and practice de-escalation – emphasis on what leaders CAN do and say during emotional conflict to regain control, and begin the resolution process with empathy and rational thought.
  • Educates leaders on optimal conflict resolution processes – using proven models, we help leaders to differentiate and deal with individual and work group conflicts, and practice using prepared, safe, scenarios.
  • Creates a safe practice field for resolving specific workplace conflicts – interactive role-playing module using actual client-specific scenarios to stretch your leaders’ communications capabilities, confidence and conversational competence to resolve conflicts with which they are familiar from their own workplaces. Excellent message delivery practice, as well as issue-specific resolution options and discussion.

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