Positive Leadership Development™

Highly Effective Positive Leadership Concepts Workshop

Designed solely as a personal leadership development program for front line employees and their leaders, the Positive Leadership DevelopmentTM session transfers knowledge about positive leadership concepts. This highly interactive workshop with group work, exercises and role-playing reinforces the concept that leadership is a personal choice…not a job responsibility or title.

Leadership Development - PLD

Learning Objectives

PML works with participants to transfer knowledge about positive leadership concepts, and to identify strategies that they can use on the job to become more effective leaders, regardless of their respective levels within the organization. This one-day (or two half days) program is an effective tool to use with new leaders to acquaint them with leadership skills and/or to use with current leaders to reawaken their passions for leadership and help them:

  • Understand what makes a successful leader
  • Grasp the essence of key leadership theories
  • Learn how assumptions affect human behaviors
  • Analyze and effectively dealing with conflict
  • Deal with the risks that an effective leader must accept
  • Learn how to use concepts, strategies and skills from PLD within their organizations

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