Pyramid Power®

Labor Relations Board Game – U.S. Only

Given the changing legislative climate that may make it easier for unions to organize employees, employers cannot wait to ensure their first line of defense – front-line supervisors and managers – are properly trained and confident about their legal duties, and prepared for potential union activity. Pyramid Power®, our premier labor relations board game, teaches your leaders – in a fun and interactive way – union awareness, the National Labor Relations Act, the stages of a union organizing campaign and labor law.

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Learning Objectives

Modeled after Trivial Pursuit and developed by labor relations experts, Pyramid Power® can be played by up to 6 players per game board (up to 30 players at a time!). Nearly 200 questions are organized by the six stages of a union campaign and integrate current labor laws with real world examples.

Participants test their knowledge in a fun way, earning points to advance around the game board when answering questions correctly. The game is most effective when followed up by a participant-driven question and answer session based on the issues that need additional clarification from game playing.

  • Understand the National Labor Relations Act, labor law and new rules.
  • Recognize the six key stages of union campaigns.
  • Learn typical unfair labor practices.
  • Understand the rules that employers must abide by to avoid traps.
  • Ensure that unsuspecting supervisors do not make mistakes that could damage employee rights.
  • Learn what actions and terms should be avoided.

Game Components

  • 1 leader manual
  • 5 game boards and 5 sets of
    • Full deck of Pyramid Power® question cards
    • Instruction sheet
    • Game pieces for up to 6 players per game board
    • Dice

Want to Play?

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