PML Coach™ and PHL Coach™

Positive Management & Executive Coaching

What makes our coaching product different from other executive or management coaching is the pairing with our live simulations in combination with 360 degree pre and post-simulation assessments/perception studies to identify gaps vs. norms for the level of leader being coached. Each Coach assignment includes both 360 degree perception studies, behavioral profiles, gap analyses, action plan counseling and 8-10 coaching sessions.

Leadership Development - PML Coach

Learning Objectives

The PML Coach™ builds on various research and perception studies to identify gaps versus norms, and to challenge the participant in a way that encourages the” stretch” needed to ensure positive change and results.

  • A personal approach to leadership development and action-planning based on data.
  • Benefits from a candid, yet positive experience with a qualified PML Coach™.
  • Structure and accountability provided by a one-on-one experience.
  • Helps to excel in an organization that recognizes the value of leading positive change.
  • Enhance the organization’s effectiveness through positive leadership.
  • Learn the importance of forging positive and effective, results-oriented relationships with your peers as well as those above you and below you to drive employee engagement.

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