PML Systems Experience™

Introduction to Systems Thinking

An energetic multi-media workshop, Leading Systems™ provides a powerful framework for leaders to recognize systems in the workplace and their influence on human behaviors. Systems thinking is a practiced skill and an effective means for helping leaders see the inter-relationships, feedback loops, connections, and leverage of the underlying structures that shape their organizations and influence the ways people behave in them. The program introduces leaders to the concept of systems thinking, as they experience the pressures of playing a role in a live systems simulation and learn about decision making in a complex environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the impact of systems in the workplace and their influence on behaviors.
  • The ability to see a piece of the systems while seeing the whole for effective problem solving.
  • Learn about thinking from the events, patterns, and structural levels.
  • Identify the cause of the problem is often distant in time and space from the symptoms.
  • Define mental models, how they influence behavior and most importantly, how we can change them.
  • Learn the seven statistically significant leadership behaviors always present in positive workplaces.
  • Gain a visual understanding of the system and how leaders can influence the system.

Special Features

  • The Beer Game® Live Simulation
  • The Beer Game® Debrief and Lessons
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Levels of Thinking – Events, Patterns, Structures
  • Positive Workplace View of Systems Thinking™
  • Mental Models and Leverage

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