CML Experience® Custom

Real-time, Live Workplace Violence and Crisis Management Simulation

By collaborating with you to meet your specific needs, we create a customized crisis management and workplace violence simulation and curriculum leveraging proven PML practices.

A powerful and intense simulation based on actual events, The CML Experience® Custom provides theory and a practice field involving major crises and workplace violence situations. The CML Experience® Custom is set against a back-drop of Canadian and Ontario laws that provide for significant legal duties with which all employers must comply. Similar U.S. federal and state laws have been proposed. The CML Experience® is designed to provide the theories of crisis management to emotionally engage adults in learning from their failures and teaches that effective, engaged leadership can almost always predict, and prevent most crises in the workplace. With the learning’s from The CML Experience®, employers can effectively prepare and manage risk in today’s new legislative environments that provide for criminal prosecution of companies and employees.

Who Should Attend

The CML Experience® Custom is designed for human resources staff, operations staff, distribution center staff, risk management, corporate communications leaders, and executives in the US and Canada that wish to have us design a simulation related to their specific needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the symptoms that lead to crises.
  • Surviving the media in crises.
  • Model plans for training and prevention of workplace violence.
  • Tools for anticipating, preparing for, prioritizing risk, and intervening.
  • Recognize the warning signs and escalations for crises.
  • How to respond to a crisis and recover from crises.
  • Develop skills to recognize escalations and warning signs of workplace violence.
  • Intervene proactively or reactively to prevent workplace violence.
  • Understand systems thinking in the context of “Normal Accident Theory.”

Special Features

  • The Management Challenge™
  • Workplace Violence: Truths & Myths
  • Workplace Violence: Model Plan
  • Meet a Real Litigator in a Cross Examination
  • Media Training in a Crisis
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking about Crises: Normal Accidents

Custom Features

  • Dedicated design faculty is skilled in understanding the needs of your organization and working with you to develop the specific modules and programs to fit your development needs today and in the future.
  • Issues are formulated to your business or specific industry.
  • Content is crafted specifically to your company’s learning objectives.
  • Specific learning’s are developed to fit your leadership environment, communication objectives, and expectation setting.

Program Dates

The CML Experience® simulation is offered on a limited enrollment basis to preserve a high quality, personal learning environment.

Participation in our simulations is by nomination only. Nominate a participant.

Learn More

Let our dedicated staff work with you to develop the specific simulations and modules that fit your development needs today and in the future. Contact us to learn more.

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