PHL Manager™ Custom

Intense, Live Healthcare Labor Relations Simulation

By collaborating with you, we create a customized simulation with business and employee relations issues that are specific to your hospital or healthcare system and to the healthcare industry. We create a unique custom-designed curriculum for healthcare leveraging proven PML practices.

Designed exclusively for the Healthcare segment, PHL (Positive Healthcare Leadership) Manager™ Custom is tailored specifically to your organization and to the business and employee relations themes and cultural attributes of this critical industry. Set in a hospital environment, and similar in design to our 30+ year trusted The PML Experience®, this two day intense and dramatic simulation delivers targeted leadership learning for healthcare supervisors to senior managers. PHL Manager™ Custom program provides for theory and a practice field to emotionally engage adults in learning from their leadership failures.

Who Should Attend

PHL Manager™ Custom is designed for healthcare supervisors and senior-level managers in the US and Canada that wish to have us design a simulation related to their specific needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the warning signs that lead to union organizing.
  • Provides the tools needed to execute learning’s about positive management leadership.
  • Increases knowledge and confidence about labor laws in the US and Canada along with information on current or pending legislation.
  • Engages participants in their own learning about Leadership… Self, Others, Systems® to broaden leadership understanding.
  • Leading beyond the organizational boundaries.
  • Implement behavior aimed at being the employer of choice and demonstrates that employees, patients and communities are best served free of the restrictions.

Special Features

Custom Features

  • Dedicated design faculty is skilled in understanding the needs of your organization and working with you to develop the specific modules and programs to fit your development needs today and in the future.
  • Issues are formulated to your business or specific industry.
  • Content is crafted specifically to your company’s learning objectives.
  • Specific learning’s are developed to fit your leadership environment, communication objectives, and expectation setting.

Program Dates

PHL Manager™ Custom is scheduled at the convenience of our clients.

Learn More

Let our dedicated staff work with you to develop the specific simulations and modules that fit your development needs today and in the future. Contact us to learn more.

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