Leading Self and Others by Values™

Motivational Personal Leadership Session in Human Values

Great leaders inspire people to be their best. They choose to exercise acts of leadership despite the risks of doing so. In this emotionally engaging multi-media workshop, Leading by Values™ focuses on peoples’ ability to better understand what really matters to themselves and others. It explores how values-based leadership engages employees and positively influences them by demonstrating respect for value-system differences and tolerance for generational needs.

Fast-paced, this workshop illustrates real examples of human value systems based on past and present societal events that have influenced human values and our behaviors. Leading by Values™ provokes participants with an entertaining blend of principle and practice and proves the point that awakened leaders exercise influence to achieve results that are good for the people and business.

Who Should Attend

Leading by Values™ is appropriate for all business leaders in the U.S. and Canada who:

  • Aim to create great places for engaged people to work,
  • Want to develop employee engagement, and
  • Want to understand the relationship between leadership, cultural demonstrations of values, and human behaviors.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding human value systems: how they are formed and when.
  • The human behaviors that values influence.
  • The needs of the generational clusters in our workforces today based on their value systems.
  • How leaders must know their own values and those of their people to have any chance at influencing outcomes or behavior change.
  • What is important to YOU may not be important to anyone else.
  • If it feels good to YOU, it’s probably wrong for your people.

Special Features

  • Music, videos, historical events, and corresponding behaviors with related personal experiences.

Program Dates

The 90-minute Leading by Values™ presentation is scheduled at the convenience of each of our clients.

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