Perfect Union Storm e-Organizing Update™

Plus: Think Like an Organizer™ Mini-Simulation

In this thought-provoking and fascinating presentation that uses actual examples of union messages and use of real-time technology, the Perfect Union Storm e-Organizing Update teaches leaders how progressive unions are communicating with and using new political muscle, the web, and new technologies. We show you labor’s newest messaging platforms, generational targeting, and the latest organizing trends.

Our Think Like an Organizer™ simulation involves leaders directly to target a fictitious company as organizers and using information learned from our Perfect Union Storm e-Organizing Update.

Who Should Attend

The Perfect Union Storm e-Organizing Update™ is appropriate for all business leaders in the U.S. and Canada who aim to maintain a union-free environment and learn of labor’s advanced use of the web, technology, and targeted messaging to communicate with and organize employees.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the investment philosophy, targeting approach, and recruiting tactics.
  • Recognize how the use of technology and the Internet is used to communicate with and organize employees.
  • Learn the creative efforts that are making fresh use of computer power.
  • What your company can and must do to prepare.

Special Features

  • Interactive session.
  • Provides strategy ideas for proactively using technology and the web.
  • Actionable plans for company leaders.
  • Optional “Think Like an Organizer” tactics.

Program Dates

The Perfect Union Storm e-Organizing Update™ presentation is scheduled at the convenience of each of our clients. The presentation is between 2 and 4 hours, depending upon if the optional “Think Like an Organizer” feature is added to the presentation.

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