Terrence (Terry) C. Dunn, Jr.

President and Senior Partner, Positive Management Leadership, Inc.

TDunnTerry Dunn is President of Positive Management Leadership, Inc., an internationally recognized innovator of live simulations and experiential learning sessions to help build stronger, more positive and effective leaders.

Terry started his career in the retail industry then transitioned into the daily newspaper business, becoming America’s youngest publisher and general manager for a chain on New England-based daily newspapers. Terry was also a television news journalist and cable news anchor for a New England-based cable news channel.

Terry’s corporate career extends over three decades as an executive leader with extensive experience working within and outside the U.S, most recently for General Electric. Working in multiple business units, Terry had responsibilities in government relations, crisis management, human resources and general management.

Terry was also a business leader for Martin Marietta, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Kraft (US Foods) where he was responsible for corporate communications, press relations, crisis management and labor relations.

During his corporate career, Terry led change management processes and crisis management teams for maintaining union-free operations. Throughout his service, he was also directly involved in 33 organizing campaigns, including de-certifications in the U.S. and Canada.

Terry currently serves on the CUE (Council for Union-free Environments) Consultant Advisory Council, a non-profit, member-run organization in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to assisting companies in the creation and maintenance of positive working environments. Terry also serves as a sponsor for the LaborVision Forum, an informal, small group of labor and employee relations thought leaders in North America who meet twice yearly.

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