The Management Challenge™

Live Union Official Presentation

Facts do not change feelings. During this convincing live presentation, The Management Challenge™ introduces participants to a well-trained, aggressive and articulate union official. Using real facts, specific issues, and no small amount of disdain to real management practices, participants hear persuasive and emotional arguments organizers would use to gain employee support and to get their signatures on authorization cards.

Participant emotions are generated and discomfort is created, as leaders begin the process of learning the importance of relationships and feelings as to the perceptions of their leadership. Unveiling issues pertinent to the company, geographic locations, or specific industries, The Management Challenge™ helps employers recognize the power of emotion in conflicts and enhance employee relations.

The Management Challenge™ is a great attention grabber and discussion starter for companies wishing to foster dialogue about personal leadership and positive employee relations, or to create an employee advocacy strategy around specific issues that could cause employees to sign authorization cards.

Who Should Attend

The Management Challenge™ is appropriate for all leadership audiences at all levels in the U.S. and Canada, but it has proven most effective for the mid-senior level leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • The importance of relationships and feelings to the success of leaders.
  • Issues pertinent to the company and/or the industry.
  • Arguments that employees use as reasons to sign union cards.
  • Understand the “boiled frog theory” and how it applies to leaders.

Special Features

  • Live Union Official
  • Management response dialogue

Program Dates

The one-hour Management Challenge™ presentation is scheduled at the convenience and location of our clients.

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