Video Troubleshooting

Trouble downloading our videos?

Instructions given on the previous page are directions to download/save the video to your computer before playing it. Saving the video to your computer will help it run smoother as you watch without pauses for buffering. If you prefer to watch the video as it downloads instead of saving it to your computer, you can click on the download link and select “run” or “open”.

Distorted Video Image – If your images appear to be stretched out of place, please view the image at the default size of the video. If the video viewing screen is enlarged or set for full screen viewing, the images will be distorted.

Discolored Video Image – Often if the video image has color distortion such as bright pinks interfering with the images, this most often indicates that a more up-to-date version of your viewer/program may be needed. If you are using Windows Media Player to view this video, be sure you have the latest version of the program as an older version will cause the video to be drastically discolored. Windows Media Player updates can be downloaded at no charge from Microsoft’s site.

Winamp can also be used to view this video. A free version can be downloaded at this address: or this address: (Recommended)

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