Winning by the Rules™

Online Healthcare Simulation

Developed specifically for our clients in the Healthcare industry, this highly interactive and realistic online hospital union campaign and educational curriculum is designed to help healthcare employers tackle the challenge of training large and dispersed populations of supervisors on good management practices, labor law compliance, union awareness, and union organizing.

Winning by the Rules™ online simulation delivery is modular. The training program makes educating managers simple, quick, and extremely cost-effective. Adaptable and flexible, the program can be stopped and restarted where the training last ended. A powerful and flexible hospital union campaign simulation, Winning by the Rules™ helps healthcare managers address difficult labor issues and employee relatins from their desktop without the need for travel.

Who Should Attend

Winning by the Rules™ is designed for healthcare managers and supervisors in the US.

How it Works

Based on PML’s Pyramid Power® labor relations board game, Winning by the Rules™ uses video vignettes of a union campaign simulation. Healthcare human resources leaders can use this as individual training and generate a report to identify additional training areas and to strengthen knowledge about labor laws.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the warning signs that lead to union organizing.
  • Provides the tools needed to execute learning’s about positive management leadership.
  • Increases knowledge and confidence about labor laws in the US along with information on current or pending legislation.
  • Strengthen labor law knowledge.
  • Helps groups identify effective strategies for working across organizational boundaries.
  • Enables groups to build effective decision-making processes among interdependent functions.
  • Allows for the exploration of organizational strategy and culture and their impact on effectiveness.
  • Provides participants the opportunity to examine power, influence and conflict in uncertain and changing environments.
  • Helps groups explore the challenges of working in complex and ambiguous work environments.

Special Features

  • Provides a detailed summary of all question responses and highlights opportunities for additional labor law training.
  • Comprehensive tool designed especially for healthcare consultants and in-house trainers to work with groups undergoing significant change.
  • Provides realistic business environment of complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty, and volatility.
  • Makes efficient use of participants’ time by allowing them to prepare for their session prior to the simulation run.
  • Can be completed in 2 to 3 hours, leaving time to begin the debriefing process the same day.

Pricing and Ordering

Positive Management Leadership, Inc. includes the learning management system and technical support to train 10 – 1,000+ supervisors and managers simultaneously.

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Let our dedicated staff work with you to develop the specific simulations and modules that fit your development needs today and in the future. Contact us to learn more.

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