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Download PML Video

Please follow the directions below to download the PML video to your computer hard-drive and play it from there.

Please NOTE: If you do not follow the directions below, the video may not display or play correctly.

Download PML video
View troubleshooting page

Instructions (it is recommended to print this page as a guide):

  1. Right-click on the download link above (if you left-click on the link, the following directions may not apply).
  2. Select the “Save Target As . . . ” option.
  3. You will briefly see the following “File Download” dialogue:

  4. A “Save As” dialogue will then appear. It will look something like the following picture:

  5. Do not change the “File name:” or “Save as type:” options. Note that the name of the file is PML-1.wmv. You may change the “Save in:” option, but be certain to remember where you chose to save the file–you will need this information to view the video later. We recommend that you save it in your “Desktop” as you see above. This will make finding the file easier later.
  6. You will then see the following “Saving” dialogue that shows you the approximate time left until the files is downloaded:

  7. Once the file is completely downloaded you may close your web browser.
  8. Open Windows Media Player. Media Player can be found on your Start menu (bottom left-hand of your screen). If Media Player is not installed on your computer, you can download and install it at:
  9. With Media Player open, click on the File menu and select “Open . . .” This will give you a dialogue that looks something similar to this:

  10. Now recall we saved the file on the “Desktop“. We need to navigate to the Desktop from where we are now (in the example above we are in the “My Documents” folder).
  11. Change to the Desktop by clicking the small letter “v” to the right of “My Documents“. This will give you a pull-down menu on which you will see “Desktop” as in the following picture:

  12. Select Desktop. You will see the file named PML-1.wmv right there on the Desktop where we saved it, as you see in this picture:

  13. Click on PML-1.wmv so that it appears in the “File name:” area as above. Then click the “Open” button. The movie should begin to play in Media Player.

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